About Me


I have three children and had each in a different setting. One in the hospital, one at home, and one in a freestanding birth center. I received Birth and Postpartum Doula training through Childbirth International. In my training, the program emphasized informed decision making and parental support in multiple capacities. I have attended a variety of births, including high-risk, home, natural-in-hospital, and planned interventions. I am happy to provide a variety of services to women of all walks of life, and in whatever setting they most feel comfortable. Birth can happen in many ways, and I respect your right to make decisions for yourself and your child. I am here to help you to feel secure in your decisions, and to provide you with the care and attention that every new mother deserves. My desire is to give you the education to make your own informed decisions; to provide you with gentle, adaptive service; and to give you a wide range of caring support.

My Training and Certifications


Birth Doula: CLD (CBI), 2012

Postpartum Doula: CPD (CBI), 2014

Infant Sign Language: CISLI (Sign2Me), 2008

Traditional Health Worker: THW-Doula (OTHWR), 2016

First Aid & CPR for Adults, Children, and Infants (always keep current)

Enhanced-Rate Childcare Provider: ERCP (DHS), 2016

Oregon Food Handlers' Card, 2016

Additional Trainings

Side-By-Side Doulas (DONA), 2016

Cultural Competency (CCNM), 2016

Recognizing Abuse and Neglect (DHS), 2016

Volunteer Work

The Pregnancy Center: New Moms Club facilitator and parent educator

Providence Birth Center: Doula

Mtn. Church Buddy Ministry: Coordinator; Special needs consultant

Divine Blessings