If you are a doula and would like support, here's how I can help:

Birth Backup

Guarantee your clients that a certified, experienced doula will be at their birth! If you are ill, have a family emergency, or are at another birth, you can be assured that your clients' needs are met. I will be on call for you from the time we sign a contract until your client gives birth.

This service includes 1 prenatal appointment to meet your client, on call commitment until birth is complete, texting and calls during the birth for a "second opinion", and processing/debriefing after the birth.

Rates and Fees are as follows:

$50 to secure the contract, pay for my time in the prenatal, and to be on call

$25/hour during the birth up to 75% of your fee

Placenta Backup

To ensure that your client receives her placenta in the appropriate time frame, you may utilize me to serve as a backup for your placenta clients. Services may include encapsulation, tincture, prints, and cord keepsake. Client will pay whatever fee you have agreed to in your contract upon delivery.

Sounding Board

I am available for giving insights during a birth and providing processing and debriefing after a birth. Everything stays 100% confidential per HIPAA standards. There is no charge for this service.

Book and DVD Lending

Doulas may borrow books and DVDs in my library at a much lower cost than purchasing the book themselves. This is a more affordable way to complete your training or get information on a particular subject.

There is a $10 deposit (refunded at item's return) for each item. Late fee is $10 per month after two months.


I understand what it means to be called in the middle of the night and need to get childcare quickly. Contract with me to provide childcare for you during late-night births, when your partner is at work, or your regular childcare is unexpectedly unavailable. I am a DHS Enhanced Rate Provider, which means I have undergone additional training and background checks. I am CPR/FA certified.

Rate is $10 per hour or service exchange contract (you provide me with childcare).

Breastfeeding Consult

If you have a client who is experiencing difficulty while breastfeeding, I will offer my suggestions to you, the doula, for how you can support her. This does not replace the services provided by a breastfeeding counselor or lactation consultant, but may help to resolve more common and basic challenges that clients face. I will consult with you once at no cost, and will request that you refer me to the client for breastfeeding counseling services if the problem persists. There will be no cost to you.

Study Buddy

Discuss pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding with someone who is just as passionate about it as you are! More than casual get-togethers and internet discussions, this face-to-face discussion will cover important topics, delve into current studies, and explore various perspectives and methods for addressing a wide range of issues that affect our work. There is no fee for this. Doulas who are interested should email me to arrange times and decide on topics to discuss.