Doula Care

What is a doula? In Greek, the word "doula" means "a woman who serves". In today's context, a doula accompanies a new family during labor and birth. Families who use doulas report having fewer interventions, and greater satisfaction with their births. Women who use a doula tend to be more confident in their health care choices, and have more positive birthing experiences overall, regardless of outcome. Doulas provide educational, physical, mental, and emotional support not only to the birthing mother, but to the mother's partner, to other relatives, and to siblings.

What isn't a doula?

A doula is not a licensed healthcare practitioner. She does not deliver babies or perform any clinical tasks. A doula does not speak for the parents, but educates them on various choices so they can speak for themselves. A doula does not press her own agenda, but supports the family in their decisions.


Prior to the birth, I will help you prepare by answering all questions, offering advice for common pregnancy discomforts, and providing resources or referrals as needed. During the birth, I will accompany you to your place of birth and help with positioning, pain relief, acting as liaison for your extended family, and relieving the mother's partner. After the birth, I will assist with latching baby onto the breast. This service also includes one two-hour postpartum visit (see below).

-Unlimited calls, texts, emails throughout pregnancy

-Two prenatal visits

-Physical, emotional, informational support during labor and birth

-Assistance with first latch

-Two hour postpartum visit

-On call 24/7 during due window

The fee for this service in Jackson County is $850.

Josephine County is $900.


Postpartum Doula care includes a wide variety of services. It may be practical support like meal planning and preparation, help with household chores, and caring for baby so mom can get a shower; or it could be educational support in breastfeeding, baby care, and the mother's self-care; and it could also be emotional support, helping the family to transition, screening for postpartum mood disorders, or being a listening ear after a difficult birth. The first few weeks after delivery can be difficult, and postpartum doula care is there to help lighten the load.

-Light housework

-Meal preparation and nutritional guidance

-New baby care

-Breastfeeding support

-Help adjusting to new life

The fee for this service is $30 per hour or $225 per 8-hour day.

Book a full five-day week for just $1100

Jackson County only.

Breastfeeding Counseling

Whether you are a first-time mom or the mom of many, there may be a time when you need a little extra help with breastfeeding. Each child is unique and so each breastfeeding relationship will be unique. Receive gentle guidance and unbiased support as you seek the best way to nourish your child. For your convenience, this service can be combined with postpartum doula care at the same reasonable rate. Breastfeeding Counseling can help with:

-Feeding multiples and babies with special needs

-Troubleshooting breastfeeding challenges

-Finding simple solutions to common difficulties

-Support and empathy

-Help with weaning or change in routine

-Guidance for returning to work and pumping

-Insight into various products

-Referrals to breast-friendly health care providers

The fee for this service is $30 per hour.

Jackson County only.

Loss Support

When facing loss--whether a parent or loved one who has had a full life, or whether in the early stages of pregnancy through miscarriage--we all need support and tender care. Allow me to be your support so you can focus on what really matters: the ones you love.

-Emotional support

-Meal and coffee runs

-Non-medical pain relief


-Unlimited calls, texts, emails

-Continued support for one month after initial loss

The fee for this service is $500.

Jackson County only.

What I offer...

Divine Blessings

Donations and Gifts

This is a wonderful way to make a difference in the life of a blossoming mother! Even a small donation can help provide doula care and education for mothers in need. Or, you can give the gift of doula care to a special mother in your life. Simply contact me and we can make the arrangements.

Any donation amount accepted for Every Mother fund (goes towards doula care for low-income mothers; $400 pays for one birth).

10% of every paid service goes toward this fund.

Gift Certificates minimum $20 for class or $50 for doula service.

Financial Aid

I fully understand the financial difficulty some of you may be facing. If you are unable to afford my fees, I do not believe that means you must go without the support you need and deserve. Please contact me to ask for adjustments, trades, or payment plans that may work for you.


Pregnancy and birth

In this ten-week class, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of what is going on inside during pregnancy, labor, and birth. They will hear different viewpoints on common parenting decisions (such as vaccines and circumcision). They will learn the stages of labor, as well as how to reduce pain in labor, and positioning techniques. Parents will feel confident and prepared by the end of the class.

-Stages of pregnancy

-Labor and birth

-Labor Lab

-Options in birth

-Options in parenting

-Bonding with baby and with partner

-New Baby Care

The fee for this ten-week (twenty hour) group class is $350.

Host a group in your home for an additional $50 discount.

Labor Lab

Parents who have had a baby already may not need the full ten-week course in pregnancy, birth, and parenting decisions. But they might need a quick refresher course in pain relief techniques, or tips to get baby in an optimal position. This two-hour class is a "crash course" in labor and birth. The information in this class will be provided in the Pregnancy and Birth Class (you do not need this class if you are already taking the P&B class with me).

-Labor and birth basics


-Relaxation and visualization

-Tools to have on-hand


The fee for this two-hour class is $50 (includes booklet).

This class may be individual or in a group.

Host a group in your home for a $10 discount.

New Baby Care

Caring for a new life can be overwhelming. And for some, who may not have a lot of experience, this task can seem impossible. But this class will teach parents about diapering, feeding (whether breast or bottle), babywearing, basic first aid for babies, and much more. The information in this class will be provided in the Pregnancy and Birth Class (you do not need this class if you are already taking the P&B class with me).



-Basic first aid for common concerns

-Options in parenting


-What's normal?


The fee for this four-hour group class is $80.

Host a group in your home for a $20 discount.

Breastfeeding Basics Class

This class provides an overview to new mothers to help them feel confident and therefore be more successful in their breastfeeding goals. This is not intended to replace the counsel of a board-certified IBCLC, but only to educate either prior to birth, or within the first six weeks postpartum. The information in this class will be provided in the Pregnancy and Birth Class (you do not need this class if you are already taking the P&B class with me).

-The first latch

-Adjusting the latch

-Making enough?

-Lactogenic diet

-Returning to work

-Life while nursing

The fee for this three-hour group class is $60.

Host a group in your home for a $15 discount.

Infant Sign Language

As a Certified Infant Sign Langauge Instructor, I am proud and excited to offer this class to my clients. Infant sign language uses real American Sign Language to teach children how to communicate before their fine motor skills (what controls their ability to form words verbally) are ready. Using signs that only require gross motor skills, babies are able to let their parents know what they need. This helps reduce frustration and crying (for both babies and their parents!), and lays the foundation for language acquisition.

The fee for this class is $20 per 1-hour class (12 classes available in the series).

Host a group in your home for a $5 per class discount.